Mialaya was the original city of the humans. When it first sprang up the humans where tolerated by most of the dragon nations but not by all. Arzii Nedrossa and his brother were princes destined to rule, but at age eight all they wanted was to have fun. One day while on an outing Arzii witnessed a dragon play with, kill and devour his brother. Arzii survived but was never the same. When he became king he built up the city to greatness, the best of humanity was there in Mialaya. Arzii became gifted in the arts of magic, more gifted then any other or any since. Using these powers he started a war amongst the dragons. Good against evil. Good, evil he didn’t care as long as dragons where dying. After finding out that Arzii was planning to try and become a god, all the nations got together and formed the great council to come up with a plan to stop him. In the process of stopping him the city of Mialaya was all but destroy. A large group of mages that survived organized the remaining population to rebuild the city they then called New Mialaya. As the city grew again so did the power of the mages and after founding a government by mage council they raised the city out of the ground. It is now a beautiful city full of great towers. It floats above the Falls of Gierhial on large chunks of earth. The wonders of New Mialaya attract all kinds of people to call the city home. It is ruled by mages, a ten member council elected by registered mage citizens of New Mialaya. A large part of the city has been rebuilt but there are still parts of town that are being rebuilt. Nelisa Avari is a Paladin of Tamara is the captain of the guard in New Mialaya. She is a tall dragonborn with golden skin and hair that is a rich chestnut color. Her eyes match her hair and seem to be able to peer into your soul. She is a natural leader though she can be a little impatient at times. She used to travel about helping people with there problems and ridding the world of the undead until trying to help an old man in Galifstad who turned out to be a very evil man. She ended up blaming herself for hundreds of deaths that resulted and after fixing that mistake as best she could she settled down in New Mialaya. Now she works in their guard and helps the city with restoration of the old parts of the city. Now she has called for your help with a problem that the city is having with the kobalds attacking the area.

The Dragon Realm