The Dragon Realm

Friend or Foe?

The Mine and the Temple

After returning to New Mialaya to heal the Bounty Hunter and reuniting with the rest of their members, the party returned to the site of the encampment for further investigation. They found two trap doors that lead down into the entrance of a kobold mine. They ran into some guards who promptly demanded that the party leave their mine. After intimidating the guards the Demetrius used his silver tongue to form a tenuous alliance with the kobolds. The party found that these kobolds had been infiltrating the other kobolds organization to find out what was going on and eventually stop the attacks on New Mialaya so they could reestablish trade with the city. That night they all met with two of the infiltrators who had returned to check in. They where quite beat up when they arrived at the encampment. They told the group that the evil leader had discovered the location of the second of four relics that he is desperately searching for. They also told them that this evil leader has been enslaving any kobold that will not worship him and torturing others for fun. One of the infiltrators knew the location of the relic and agreed to take the party to it. Seeing that the kobolds where in need and wanting to let the infiltrators rest, the party agreed to go back to town and get supplies for the kobolds. The kobolds gave the party some raw materials to trade for them for the supplies. Nelisa was pleased to hear that not all the kobolds had turned on the city and sent the party back to the kobolds with a trade signet. The kobolds where very happy with the party being able to help them reestablish trade with New Mialaya so they sent a group of kobolds to help the group recover the relic before the nefarious leader of the evil kobolds. That night the group was able to reach the location of the relic and found an entrance with ease. Making their way through the heavily trapped area, the party found the place to be an ancient temple to Tiamat with the center piece being a multi-headed dragon holding the relic they were searching for. As soon as Demetrius touched the relic a Ghostly fang dragon appeared. It was bound to guard the relic and immediately attacked the party. The party was able to defeat the dragon, taking heavy damage but without losing any one in the group. As the party tried to free the relic from the statue that held it, the corner of the room exploded. The evil kobolds had mined there way to the chamber. The evil kobolds attacked the party lead by Darcana and a large kobold in a robe. In the fray the party lost sight of Darcana and as they gazed upon the robed kobold their magic items started to feel, encouraging them to kill him. As the party waded through the attackers, the infiltrators who had come along convinced the slaves the evil kobold had with them to turn on their captors. Being out numbered, having to resist mind attack from Soric and just slashed in the face by Demetrius, the robed kobold teleported away. Darcana had stolen the relic from Soric after watching him pocket it. She was sneaking around invisible but while trying to make her escape with the relic she was spotted by Dac-chur and Lokier. Lokier attacked her grabbing her hand and shaking her. The relic, that she had not had time to get in her pocket, was knocked lose and was lodged in the wall of soft dirt that had by revealed by the explosion. Darcana escaped but the party was able to rescue seven abused kobold slaves and recover the relic.

Karma point awarded to: Demetrius



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