The Dragon Realm


The Zeppelin Fight

The zeppelin ride to New Mialaya with more dangerous then expected when it was suddenly attacked in the middle of the night by marauding kobalds riding terrodons. While the PC’s fended off the kobald attacks a kobald strike force went after a small group of guards in they cabin. The PC’s Supressed the kobald attack as the strike force emerged from the guads cabin in pursute of a guard who collapsed at eh PCs’ feet. The lead kobald, and sleak female brandishing a Black Dragon dagger stole an item from the guard and then tried to make a quick get-away. As the strike force tried to escape one of the kobalds started to attack them. The PC’s struggled to recover the item stolen from the guards and successfully recovered the item, however, the female kobald was able to escape. After an arguement with the guads the party returned the item to them without lokked at it. The PC’s where able to take one prisoner who told them that him masters name was Darcana. The zeppelin then arrived safely at New Mialaya.

Karma point awarded to: Zel



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