The Dragon Realm

Kobald Who?

The Encampment

The brave adventurers met with the gratious Nelisa Avari. She was pleased that the PC’s made it and where willing to help her with the problems. She explained that do to the surge in problems with cleansing the undead from the unreclaimed areas of the city, she did not have the man power to deal with the kobald problem herself. She promised to cover accomidations and travel costes accrewd by investigating the kobald problem and possibly getting same pay for their help. She also offered a note that was recently taken out the body of a kobald as a lead to the party to help them find the kobalds. She added that the kobalds had attack twice to get the relic that she had been trying to find out about and trying to protect. Half the group stayed behind in New Mialaya to gather some more information on the relic and then headed down the investigate the farmland attacks. The other half of the party rented a carpet to got check out the information on the note that Nelisa gave them. The note said,”Meet at the castle ruins on the Maliki River at high moon.” The Flew the carpet to the ruins where they found a fortified encampment. In their attemps to breach the encampment the Vasillie was knocked unconcious. The interior of the encampment was lived in but there was no one to be seem.

Karma point awarded to: Vasillie



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