Bounty Hunter 2


On southeast edge of the Ural Mountain range he took a job in the town of Causcit for the town’s people even though they couldn’t pay him very much. The town was being terrorized by feral yeti monster and they asked Vasillie to slay it for them. He was able to track it to a frozen cave a few miles east of town. As he neared the cave entrance he heard growling and then some sharp yelping then silence. When he got to the cave he saw a gruesome scene. There was an injured wolf-dog lying next to a tree unconscious. Near him was a couple of dead pups and large bloody drag trail leading into the cave. There was nothing to be done for the pups but he was able to help the dog, binding his wounds and giving him water and food. Limping and shaken the dog refused to leave Vasillie’s side as he stalked into the cave. They reached the end of the cave to find the beast feasting of the remains of another dog. Vasillie attacked it but in the struggle he broke his weapon and lost his footing. As the yeti was about to strike him down the wolf-dog attack the beast, grabbing its leg and throwing it off balance. Instead of striking Vasillie it bashed the wall cracking a large chunk of the wall off. Vasillie narrowly avoided being crushed by the wall and heard a clang as a crystalline shield fell to the ground from the new hole in the wall. Using the spikes on the shield and the assistance of the injured wolf-dog Vasillie was able to slay the feral yeti and make it back to the town for healing. Both the shield and the dog have been by him side ever since.


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