The first thing you can remember is waking up from a restful sleep in the reeds at the mouth of the Yantelli River. In front of you stood an old man with his back was to you. He was bald with some dragon tattoos on his arms and a strange tattoo on his head. In one hand he held a staff with a pulsating crystal that had three little crystals orbiting it. In the other he held some sort of cloth. With a deep resounding voice he spoke as he turned to you, “Young friend you have a long journey ahead of you. You will need this…” Now facing you he stretched out his hand with the cloth in it and continued, “…he will see you through the treacherous road ahead.” He was still very muscular for an old man and at about your height and weight you figured he would easily be able to hand you a beating. You reach out and retrieved the cloth from him. It was a vestment that was deep red at the shoulders and gradually become a tan near the ground. The whole thing sparkles in the sun and looks remarkably like sunset. You put it on and as you looked up to thank the old man he was no longer there. You looked around the area but you never did find him.


The Dragon Realm Nightangel_fvr