Demetrius stands approximately 74’ inchesut 187 pound; His skin is white as snow and his scales as lustrous as silver.He has piercing blue eyes.


Lawful Good True Paladin of Bahamut
His eyes are a piercing blue that glow with a silver hue during the hours of night. The brighter the moon the brighter his eyes glow. Demetrius stands approximately 7’4" tall and weighs about 187 pound; His skin is white as snow and his scales are as lustrous as silver, which glows when the moonlight touches them. He heavily garbs himself with a cloak at all times during the night when the moon is exposed to hide this glow.


Demetrius is a true paladin of Bahamut who travels the shattered world aiding the downtrodden, the dispossessed and the helpless.

Trained in the arts of light, his soul teeters dangerously on the edge of damnation. He secretly shuns and curses humans behind their backs for what they did to him as a child. Though he never turns down a call for help, he has been known to be less preachy to other races.

Demetrius is emotionally unstable his will and mind have been shattered and corrupted. He sees only an abomination that walks the world when he glances upon his reflection. Marked as a demon from birth he lived in the village under a scornful eye, he was blamed for all misfortunes that occurred; drought, bad crops and disease. It was all the fault of the demon child, the son of darkness. One winter on his ninth birthday a plague fell upon the village, after the outbreak the villagers came to his parent’s house, and killed them before his eyes. They sought to burn him at the stake. Demetrius managed to escape the house however; he was horrible wounded by a villager. And was left for dead deep in the woods, he was later discovered by a wandering priest of Bahamut who took him in and raised him as a paladin.

Demetrius is a sponge for emotional energy; he feels the pain and suffering of the world around him, because of this. His emotions are a rollercoaster that changes as often as the wind; he has little remorse for those who are unwilling to help themselves and less for those who pity their current situation. He has a short temper which has gotten him in trouble in the past.

Demetrius is well versed in olden legends and lore. His mind is as well trained as his body; and prefers combat over diplomacy.

Demetrius first met Nelisa in the city of Galifstad, though it was not there first nor last time to cross paths. They have aided one another on various missions, exterminating evil from the face of the world.


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